the thunderer is dead
a man is left in his stead
An experiment… Reblog if you don’t care what length replies your rp partner makes, or you are okay with some short replies or longer than normal ones.
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“I didn’t need you, you idiot. I picked you. And then you picked me back.” (Welcome back dear :D)

They had been arguing again. They seemed to argue a lot. Sigyn was just so infuriating sometimes. She always challenged him. She couldn’t seem to understand how things worked in his world, no matter how many times he explained it to her. And it certainly didn’t help that he himself was stubborn as a boar.

He had hardly been listening to her as their argument came to an end. Frustration was overflowing in him and he turned away, intending to leave before it exploded out of him. Her words caught him off guard, and he paused, looking back over his shoulder at her. After a moment a soft smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, upturning them just slightly.

"That is true," he ceded, the anger dissipating just like that. "I did pick you back, you infuriating woman." His smile turned into a grin.

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                                ❝ She would walk through f i r e ❞

∞ Independent roleplay blog for Sigyn, Goddess of Constancy

∞ Multiship, multiverse

∞ 1+ year of experience, both in Tumblr and the roleplay community. 

∞ Mun and muse over 18: NSFW might happen.

Threads: paras/ script/ one liners. Anything does. 

∞ Only using GIFs, by now, though, threads with icons are welcome

∞ Open to make: Picspams, drabbles and gifsets under request (pathetically).

∞ Fandoms of preference: Polytheistic pantheons (any kind) and Marvel. Also Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. Though, OCs are more than welcome

∞ Open to AUs and secondary verses

Mun is a complete dork. Spanish is the first language of the mun. Hola

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muse meme: john green quotes edition.
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send me a “☁” and i will put my itunes on shuffle, pick my favorite line from the first song that comes up and use it for a starter.

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// Welcome back :)

Thank you! I’m glad to be back.

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So I’ve reset Thor’s relationships (save for a few people I couldn’t bear to restart) and my threads. If we had a relationship in the past though, I’d definitely love to start something up again. <3

I want to make a verse page, but I’m not sure what verses to put on there, so until they come up, I guess I’m just going to go with my exiled mainverse and the whole idea for this blog. I’m definitely open for AUs and other verses though, I’d just like to discuss ‘em first. <3

, you made a starter for me a while back. I’d love to reply to it now if you’re still interested. 

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//welcome back! :D

thank you! I’m excited to be back!

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/brushes dust off blog

I’m going to restart this thing. I probably should just make this an archive and start fresh, but I can’t bring myself to do it so…. xD; Gonna do some cleaning and then start looking for threads again, I guess!

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I have a new screen and I am seeing Spider-Man. :) i’ma happy girl.

I shall recommence this blog tomorrow!

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